Why Athletes Need Vitamins Despite a Healthy Diet

I try to hit my freggie goal of 7-9 servings daily.
I try to limit my processed foods.
I try to keep it whole, healthy and clean.

But even if I were a perfect specimen of an eater, as an athlete I’d still be reaching for vitamins. Not only do our bodies require more because of the work they perform, but our foods simply aren’t what they used to be.

Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins 
and minerals than the varieties most of us get today.
– Scientific American

Even if you buy organic, the studies are continuing to show that they are just as depleted in nutrients. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get what you need from food alone.

Why do athletes need vitamins? And what you need to know.

  • Vitamins help turn food in to energy
  • Low levels can mean fatigue and slowed recovery
  • It doesn’t undo a bad diet, but supports good choices
  • Provides some “insurance” that you’re meeting your needs
  • Take with meals to improve absorption
  • Those of us with food allergies are often low in certain vitamins from removing food categories
  • BONUS: Being low in specific nutrients can cause sugar or carb cravings

Great, so which vitamins matter most and why? Here’s a quick chart to breakdown it down.Vitamins for Athletes - what you need and why they workThe vitamins listed above are actually in the new Workout + Recoverinq vitamin packets I’ve been using from Refreshinq.

I’m not one who will quickly say yes to any vitamin, I need to see what’s in it and how it’s created. Then I test to see how my body reacts. Many formulas off the shelf have a lot of fillers, gluten and other additives which result in stomach issues and less absorption!

Refreshinq offers a variety of packets to take the guess work out of what you need. As noted, for me the focus on hard workout or long run days has been the Workout packet, but they also make Stress Packs with things like rose hip to relieve joint pain and L-Theanine for relaxation. Or you could checkout a multi-vitamin or blood sugar support pack.

In other words, stop taking a generic that isn’t formulated for your needs!Pre-workout and recovery vitamin packsIf you do have digestive issues like me and still want to get a boost, Refreshniq also makes nutraceutical patches {there’s your word of the day!}. This allows you to absorb the nutrients via your skin throughout the day, bypassing any potential stomach issues. They make Vitamin D, Energy and Weight Loss  patches.

Also important is the timing of your vitamins!


Now that we’ve talked a bit about nutrition, let’s move on to mindset. Why?

A. because it’s one of my favorite topics
B. because I love that Refreshinq is pushing a #neverquit movement – showing that they are about so much more than trying to sell a product. They’re promoting a better lifestyle overall.

In fact, the -inq a the end of their name stands for “I Never Quit“.Join me in the #neverquit movementWe believe in helping people imagine what they can do when armed with the right attitude, the right nutrients and the right people behind them.”  Geez you can’t say it much better than that!

While I don’t believe in pushing yourself to that no pain, no gain place, I love the idea of finding a way forward no matter the obstacles. I’ve been thrown health issues, injuries and plenty of weather obstacles over the years. Which is when I remember that forward is a pace! No matter how slow the progress, if you’re taking steps to your goal that’s all that matters.

Now that you know all about your sad veggies and what vitamins do, it’s time to make a choice. How are you going to support your mind and body to keep pushing forward?

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